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Rain washed over the sky, thunder cracked, a sudden storm hit the city of Glasgow, multiple delinquents speaking in their basterdised version of what they called the English language. Rachel walked into the nearest shop to escape the rain, looking around as she took a seat, the warmth surrounded her as she hugged into herself giving a small shiver as the rain had already soaked her through to the bones.
"Miss, would you like a coffee" a voice spoke from beside her, a female waitress, who was a small amount concerned of the girl who shivered in the soft seat, table infront of her.
"That would be lovely, thanks, can I get one sugar please." Rachel smiled reading the name tag on the girls left breast, 'Debbie' such a nice name, it cooed almost in her head making her smile that not all friendliness has dissapeared from this country that she loved, just the people in it made her sick to her stomach. Sometimes she would almost gag when a drunk would come up smelling of urine and alcohol aski
:iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 1 3
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We're Home :iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 1 4
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Ihateyou :iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 1 6
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My life with you.
Screeching echoed from the bottom of the stone steps, one wheel still spinning the out-rim glinting in the setting sun.  The body of a young child a few feet away from the wheelchair, long black hair sprawled out over the ground which connected to the pale skin of what appeared to be a young female. The pale skin highlighted by the crimson red blood pooling about the person's forehead. A boy jumped from the steps quickly picking the young person up, clashing skin tones met as one was a caramel brown, the other a few shades lighter than paper white. A large gash on the long haired one's head bleeding profusely.
"Amon. . . Amon. . ." The caramel skinned boy shook the one in his arms now known as 'Amon' small individual tears dripping from the older boy. Onto the feminine one known as Amon "P-Please. . . Amon wake up!"  He shook the younger one more and more. Eventually picking them up bridal or like a princess as some would call it. A six foot man wearing a grey suit
:iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 1 1
"I can believe I didnt see it soonder, its been staring at me straight in the face all this time" The blue haired Teen Said from the Darkness.
"Its been so Bleedingly Obvious but I just didnt see it..." He Stepped out of the Darkness and seen the Canidates for Rewards
"Silence Please..." The Headmaster called out over the Microphone "Please stand" the Deputy head Spoke and Everyone Obeyed him Like Sheep "Thankyou everyone You may sit Now" while the Headmaster approached the Stage.
"Today as you all Know we are here to Award a Select Few Pupils from the School to Award for Gratification Obediance and Behaviour since Day one they have been Truly Spectacular" The Headmaster Talked over the Crowd. Some of the growd whispering amongst themself.
"They Acheived Expectations From which our Teachers and Myself thought they couldnt Do" The Headmaster Spoke Louder this Time to gather Attention of the curious audience he was attempting to herd.
Back to the Teen
"Its all a Lie, Faith,Religio
:iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 1 0
Mature content
Wash me. Maid. :iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 2 3
"A-ah, S-sasha.. S-stop! I-It hurts!" Coffee screamed with a mix of moaning from the thrusting.
"But look~ Your enjoying it so much." He smiled holding a sugar coated strawberry between his teeth.
"N-not that! M-My ass feels great.. M-My tooth.. It fucking hurts!" Sasha looked down to Coffee blinking at the sudden pain. "G-get off and get me a dentist!"
"Yes Master..." Damian whimpered walking away from Coffee large waterfalls of tears rivering down his cheeks "...Cockblock.. Ah hahh"
:iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 2 0
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School life is hard. :iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 6 3
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Till Dawn YAOI FLUFF AHEAD :iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 3 6
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YAOI MelonxSky :iconseizuresheep:SeizureSheep 6 16




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